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Where streaming is spiritual

When your playlist feels like Heaven, you’re on tymple.

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The future of faith at your fingertips. For Free!


No matter what Apple device you use, tymple adds an enhanced, convenient and responsive experience based around faith. Our platform encapsulates the greatest voices from many faiths from all over the world in both entertainment and religious leaders. As soon as you launch the stained glass tymple app icon, faith is at your fingertips faster than ever before. We have developed significant improvements to enhance the streaming of faith-based content on your device.

The Scroll, Urban Scriptures, The Sanctuary and Wave’s Chart; these are the core functionalities of tymple.

There is no other social media feed more inspirational than ‘The Scroll.’ It is curated from the limitless content from Spotify and YouTube to provide an inspirational source for believers around the globe.

Our ‘Urban Scriptures’ tab carries devotions that decode ancient scriptures from four different faiths in the form of interviews, keynote speeches, sermons and beyond. These words transcend time and bring forth both knowledge and inspiration.

‘The Sanctuary’ is designed to be your church on the go. It’s the pulpit to display the hymns, music and sermons. It also connects believers together through one click of the share button.  

In the ‘Wave’s Chart,’ song movement is tracked to measure success. We want to chart the waves we make, in order to celebrate innovation and push new heights.

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Spotify Powered

Stream up to 40k+ songs and learn about four different faiths -- all in one app. 

We have partnered with Spotify for audio and YouTube for video so that believers can enjoy up to 12 playlists at once that will stream continuously for up to 24 hours. Believers will be able to pick a playlist based on their mood or interests and have the ability to strike up a conversation with friends to allow them to join in on your tymple experience by sharing what you are currently listening to.


Release Report

Remote. Rural. or Reruns.

Wherever you are, we want to make it easy to stay inspired. When it seems hard to streamline inspiration on other platforms, we’ll be in your pocket. A playlist that considers your journey. A digital gathering place for your inspiration and a hub for comfort and support.




(The Pew) Why upgrade? Each family member gets their own, unique premium Spotify account. If anyone has Spotify already, they’ll keep all their saved music, playlists and recommendations. Listen to tymple on-demand, ad-free and offline today.

(Growth) Every social network and streaming algorithm seem over crowded. Your chances of going viral is slim to none. Before your followers can find you they’re distracted with the newest movie, the hottest artists and whatever else bigger companies pay to distract us. At Tymple we prioritize spirituality only.   

(Secure) In building our community, we understand the wants and needs of the people. With tymple there are no usernames or passwords and no personal information is obtained. It is free to download and free to use.


people on each pew



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YouTube Powered

Watch Live TV, Stream Music Videos, Films, Educational Courses and Documentaries.

We have two Youtube stages, each with a unique visual experience that can last up to 24-hours. tymple is a highly visual experience with captivating visual content. So whether it’s fullscreen, ephemeral or Instagram native, we desire to showcase parables just as visually as when Jesus spoke them.

Our goal is to be an interfaith app that will reach new heights of mission work and build framework around a community of listeners. When the Believer’s community grows, the world will see a unique harmony unfold. 

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